Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I have been doing a lot of very mundane editing. Apparently my grasp of when to use "that" and when to use "which" is quite poor; however, I am sticking to my guns on my use of conjunctive adverbs, a good quality semicolon to connect two related independant clauses (thanks lindsay), and hypenated compound adjectives.

I am staying at the lovely apt. of P+K who are away, and I can't make their TV play TV, so I have been engaging in their movie collection to excess. In the last 48 hrs. I have seen bad boys I and II, 50 first dates, fever pitch, the notebook, and the family stone. all of these movies have fatal artistic flaws, but most are very cute in their own way.

questions and comments developed from watching fun, cheesy movies:

Is drew barrymore really like that in real life? If not, does she had just hate getting up in the morning to play that person? Same for Meg Ryan? Also, in "fever pitch", she was hard to buy as the hard businesswomen.

In fever pitch, drew has a coven of female friends, one of whom has a distinctive lantern jaw and prominent teeth. that's right, Ione Skye has resurfaced! (Ione was the female lead in "say anything.") after a short trip down IMDB lane, it seems that Ione's CV for the last 18 years is (to quote triumph) "a who's who of who cares." hopefully she is happy.

What the F did they do to "fever pitch?" Did the writers even read the book? why bother to call it "fever pitch?" it was a totally different story. Zombie branding, maybe?

Bad Boys I and II serve mostly as vehicles for will smith to bring black culture to white people in a palatable way. he sure is good at that. (full disclosure: I know all the words to "parents just don't understand.") and things blow up in that distinctively Michael Bay way. points to Martin Lawrence for making subversive references to other black comedians in this . at one point, he tells Will Smith to "have a coke and a smile."

Rachel McAdams is really cute. Her southern accent in the "the notebook" is awful, and her character in "the family stone" lacked cohesiviness and motivation (possibly not her fault). but she is very cute. she and ryan gosling make enduring all the cultural inaccuracies and general implausibilities of the notebook tolerable.

did the makers of "the family stone" just throw the scripts from "love actually" and "the ice storm" in a blender and produce what came out?

the only fever pitch film i've seen is one starring colin firth as the die-hard arsenal fan. sadly it doesn't even come up on google until after 2 pages on the remake that you saw.
I still have a hard time remembering that Rachel McAdams was in Mean Girls!
One big problem I have with all Drew Barrymore movies is that I just don't think she's as cute as the makers of the movie think she is. None of her characters are very well-developed; the entire premise is that the audience is supposed to love her immediately just because she's Drew Barrymore. None of the "meet cute" scenes are actually ever cute, unless you happen to be in love with Drew Barrymore.

My own take on Drew Barrymore is that she's sexy when she gets dressed up, particularly because the filmmakers always go out of their way to accentuate her jugs, but she's not a particularly good actress and she's not as cute as Meg Ryan was when she was being cast in those similar roles 15 years ago.
Fever Pitch is a TERRIBLE movie. I never quite got what magic people see in the Hornby (Hornsby?) novels, but there's a lot more to them than there is in that BS movie. I liked High Fidelity (which actually managed the transfer from UK to USA pretty well) and About a Boy. Family Stone -- also a garbage movie. --EW
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