Sunday, August 26, 2007

odd time to start blogging, I know. My thesis defence is in 24 hrs and my advisor meeting in three and the presentaiton isnt done yet. (thesis is, thankfully). my laptop has had a tetchy relationship with Blogger, hence no posts. but I am well. back from newfoundland whose accent is a cross between Irish and Pirate. I caught an absolutely enormous atlantic cod on a jig line. It was very odd to be holding such an overfished fish as a fisherman. but as I said after we ate the crocodile our guides caught and insisted on eating in EG, "aside from the international guilt, it is really quite delicious." I particulalry recommend the cod tongue. very creamy.

just moved into my ugly apartment. just bought a washer and dryer from a pair of irish people whose house was being forclosed. they bought it because it had a bar in the basement with a dragon wood-burned onto the side. They were probably offered a subprime mortgage. ok, off to make pretty slide mostly involving figures lifted out of my text.

Good luck! --Nick
Good luck!

P.S. Clovers is back!!! Hooray!

P.P.S. I was in Boston two nights ago, but not for long enough to get in touch with anybody. I just drove from Buffalo to Boston with my brother, unloaded all of his stuff and helped him set up in his new apartment, went to sleep, and drove home the next day. The next time I visit Boston (probably in October) I'll be certain to make time to hang out!
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