Monday, August 27, 2007


The Stab Master (of Science)

Defence was smooth sailing. thankfully. I am now a master of science for what little that is worth. it was actually fun to get to answer intelligent questions from people who knew what the hell I was talking about.

I saw on the news that police also raided DMX's house on dog-related suspicion. I know this is the sort of statement that gets liberals in trouble, but doesn't this seem more like a racially motivated cultural misunderstanding than a great crime by the likes of Vick et al.? We kill other animals and eat them when they aren't deemed good enough to be breed stock, so why is killing dogs that fail tests so different. it seems a little hypocritical if you ask me. Winnipeg is soothing as ever. full of nice folks and open spaces and the occaisional big sky thunderstorm.
am reaching the post-adrenaline trough where my body has burned all the available glycogen and wants to sleep. sounds like a plan.

WOOHOO!!!! Clovers is back, with a Masters!! Congrats, 8yearoldsdude!
Congrats on the defen[s]e. I'm sure it's a relief to be done with it.

I think part of the dog fighting issue is race/class based, but I think part of it is that these animals aren't treated in a humane way while they're alive (or, more significantly, while they're being killed). While the meat industry has its own problems in that regard, dog fighting seems characterized by cruelty to the animals (to "toughen them up") and, ultimately, a completely disinterest in sparing them any pain (see Vick's drowning/beatings, which don't appear to be unusual for the dog fighting culture, whatever that is).

Whether dog fighting is really worse than, say, domestic violence or drunk driving (both activities which hurt and kill humans), is another question--people certainly seem a lot more upset about Vick than they do about whoever the most recent drunk driving arrest was. I think a lot of that is the novelty and visceral gruesomeness of the whole dog fighting thing.
Dude. Congrats on getting that M.S.! Now would you send your suitemates a friggin' update on your life?!?! -- Vid
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